Automatic Hot Foil Stamping
MK1060YMI Automatic Platen Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

The Successful Way to Add Value at a Cost Effective Price

Hot foil Stamping, Stamping and Embossing in One Pass, Stamping Followed by Printing, Hologram Stamping, Laser Foil Seam Line Correction . . . .
  • The perfect balance of temperature, speed and pressure in stamping is not only dependent on a skilled operator, but also on an accurate and reliable foil stamping machine.
  • It can handle complicated foil advance calculations, both manually and automatically. It is equipped with the functions of hologram and laser foil seam line correction. It can run large format stamping, with foil advance at high speed operation.
Technical Data
Max sheet size 1060mm x 760mm
Min sheet size 450mm x 350mm
Max die cutting size 1045mm x 745mm
Max stamping size 1020mm x 730mm
Gripper margin 9~17mm
Inner chase size 1120mmX786mm
stock range 90~2000g/m 2paper
0.1-2mm paper
≤4mm corrugated
Die cutting accuracy ≤±0.075mm (Die cutting and stamping)
≤±0.2mm (Hologram stamping)
Max die cutting speed 6500 s/h Stamping
5500 s/h Hologram stamping or laser seam prevention
7700 s/h Die cutting
Max feeder pile height 1150mm (wooden pallet included)
Max delivery pile height 1000mm (wooden pallet included)
Widest dimension of in longitudinal/ transversal ф 250mm
Number of heating zones 20 heating‚ 40°C ~ 180°C Adjustable
Dimension of the foil 20~1020mm
Overal dimension 7230mm(L:Pre-load paper device included) x
4550mm(W:Platform included)x 2050mm (H)
Net weight approx About 17 tons
Main motor wattage 11kw
Full load wattage 50.6KW
Air requirements 0.6~0.7MPa,≥0.6m3/min
Automatic Hot Foil Stamping
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