MK550/650/800/1000FB MK550/650/800/1000FBII
Automatic Folder Gluer
MK550/650/800/1000FBII High-speed Automatic Folder Gluer

Standard box, Crash-lock box, Mini box, Injection box, CD box, Inside box, Fries box, 4/6 Corner box....

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  • The machine drive system adopts new synchronization belt and the drive of synchronization belt wheel. The whole machine adopts the over-all steel structure and modular design. It processes all functions. It can be installed and adjusted fast and easily. In this way, the whole machine can run steadily at a very high speed.
  • HHS gluing system as option, and by installing different kinds of accessories, it can produce various kinds of boxes such as Standard box, Crash-lock Box, mini box, Injection box, CD box, inside box, Fries box , 4/6corner box. HHS on-line inspection system as option helps to get zero defects.
Convertible stock 200-650g/sq m. Solid Paper Board
E、F、N flute
Box-style Straight Line Box, Crash Lock bottom Box, Double Wall Box
4 corner box (optional)
Drive Speed 25-400m/min
Full load wattage 12KW standard, 17KW with four corner attachment
Main motor wattage 7.5KW
Air Supply 6 Bar, - 20 Cu. Meter/hour
Over all Dimension 13700 X 1600 X 2200 mm,13700X 1720 X 2200mm
13700 X 1870 X 2200 for MK 500, MK650. MK800
Mechanical Weight 4500 Kg, 5000 kg, 6000kg for MK 550, MK650. MK800
Automatic Folder Gluer
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