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Inspection Machine MK420QS
MK420QS Inspection Machine

Guaranteed to Increase Profit Margins

Excellent Inspecting System+Professional Platform Manufacturer=MK420QS
The MK420QS can detect a pre selected area with varying values as required by the customer which can save time and product for the client.
  1. Delete the wrong part in auto-learning process, the brush system is even more user-friendly and flexible.
  2. MK system can call up all the defect images, for observing the defect locations and defect types on the picture (such as general defects, chromatic variation, ink smear and so on), let the operator to see more clearly.
  3. For the methods of learning the defects of the products, MK has two methods "defective learning" and "error learning". For different defects, MK will adjust by using different methods to achieve the best inspecting effect.
  4. Quality adjustment in order to ensure the precision of test, paper fibers, impurities and non-absolute color will affect the accuracy of the final test.
  5. The precision of debugging the height of the lens and rotating the angles is required to be very high, to avoid the error of mechanical adjustment. The correcting lens with special materials calculates the level angle with fine adjustment between camera and detected things by identifying the software and hardware.
Technical Data
Convertible stock 90~350 g/m2 (cardboard)
Max working speed 240m/min
Max productivity effect 80000 s/h (cigarette packet 90mm)
Max sheet size 420 mm x 350 mm
Min sheet size 70 mm x 70 mm
Max. feeder pile height 300 mm
Wattage of main drive motor 5.5kW
Full load wattage 16 kw
Net weight 7 tons
Overall dimension 10000 (L) x 2300(W) x 2100(H)
Air supply 0.5-0.7Mpa, ≥0.8m3/min
Inspection Machine
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