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Folder - F - 122 - BK
Second fold and Superstructure
1. 1:2:2:1 Principle jaw folder
2. Air cushioned former with single RTF
3. Two pairs of driven Metco coated steel draw runners..
4. PIV drive for RTF.
5. Pneumatically operated runners on RTF.
6. Pneumatically operated slitter/longitudinal perforation on RTF.
7. Standard superstructure with fix gain driven draw rollers.
8. Movable former to accommodate variable web width in Quarter fold.
9. Over-fold and Under-fold adjustments (manual)
10. The paper guiding bars and flat brush around the folding and gripper cylinder for guiding the running product.
11. Adjustable batch counting system.
12.Eight finger bucket wheels common for 2nd and Parallel fold.
13. Electronic jam detection system.
14. Motorized cutoff compensator (Optional).
15. Add-on folding modules to get different products.
Third Fold
- Max No of webs 2 Nos.
- Max speed 30000 CPH
- Compact design with minimum belt travels.
- Third folder works on the chopper principle.
- Manual change-over with minimum change-over time.
- Product delivery at 90° to press line is standard and delivery parallel to pressline is optional.
- Cross and Longitudinal perforation.
- Provision of Jam detection sensor.
Double Parallel Fold
- Max No of webs 2
- Max speed 36,000 CPH
- Integrated in the basic second fold folder.
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