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M360-BK is a single width, single circumference press and is the latest addition to the Manugraph stable. With a maximum speed up to 36,000 cph and an excellent price performance ratio,M360-BK meets the printing requirements of Book Printers alike. With its inbuilt flexibility, M360-BK is capable of printing Quarter fold & Double parallel fold products efficiently. Short web path ensures excellent print quality and reduced waste.
Max. Printing speed
      - 2nd Fold
     - 3rd Fold
     - Double Parallel fold

36,000 cph
30,000 cph
36,000 cph
Max. reel diameter 1067 mm
Web width 600 – 889 mm
Cut off length 508 , 533, 546, 560, 578 mm (20”, 21”, 21 ½”, 22”, 22 ¾”)
Printing unit module (standard) Arch type – Mono unit with integrated Unwind – 2 Hi Unit – 4 Hi Tower
Plate mounting Tool–less slot gap lock–up – 1.60 mm
Blanket Cylinder lock up Reel Rod type narrow gap lock up with Bearer rings –Standard
Register controls: Motorized
Lateral ±3.00mm, Circumferential ±1.50mm,
Unit-to-Unit phasing ± 3.00mm
Bookline Folder 1:2:2:1 Jaw Folder with Quarter fold & D.P. Fold
Max No. of Webs 2 Nos.
Web Grammage 38 – 100 gsm
Drive panel DC Drive with central PLC
Optionals – T bar lock up for blanket cylinders (without bearer rings)
– 2 web printing provision on Tower
– Stacked Unwind
– Integrated Autopaster for Mono Unit
– Autopaster
– Detachable shaft (Clutch)
– Motorized cut-off compensators
– Close loop register control
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