News Paper Web - 2x1 - M360
M 360 is a single width, single circumference press and is the latest addition to the Manugraph stable. With a maximum speed up to 36,000 cph and an excellent price performance ratio, M 360 meets the printing requirements of medium circulation newspapers and Commercial Printers alike. With its inbuilt flexibility, M 360 is capable of printing broadsheet, tabloid, quarter-fold products. Short web path ensures excellent print quality and reduced waste. This provides an excellent price performance ratio.
upto 36,000 cph
Max. web width 889-915mm (35-36")
Cut offs 533, 546, 560, 578, 508 mm (21, 21½, 22 & 22¾ 20")
50" 2-arm Flying Autopaster; zero-speed splicer option
Blanket cylinder bearer rings; stainless steel cylinders with tapered roller bearings
Slot-gap plate lock-up with register pin centre-located; double register pin option
Narrow-gap reel rod type blanket lock-up
Plate cylinder undercut options
8-roller ink train with 2 forme rollers, 2 rilsan-coated oscillators
ManuColor Remote Ink Key Control & CIP3 Ink pre-setting options
Motorised ink fountain roller; motorised pan roller with speed tracking
Spiral brush dampener (Spray Bar option)
Pneumatic controls for impression on/off, ink & dampener forme rollers
Motorised colour registration ; closed loop automatic registration option
Motorised unit-to-unit phasing; Fan-out correction devices on all units
Motorised full page compensators (cut-off control)
Footprint shaftless option ; shaftless infeed option
PLC-based electricals; touch-screen panels at unit and central console levels
Heatset / UV package option
M 360
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